Thursday, July 2, 2009

What Day Is It?

During the summer my husband works most weekends. State parks are generally utilized more heavily during the weekend so it makes sense that rangers would need to be on duty then. This means that his "weekend" falls on weekdays instead. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but since I don't have a regular schedule right now, either, it does make it difficult to keep track of what day it actually is. For example, Dan went back to work today after having the past two days off so today feels like a Monday to me; I have to keep reminding myself that it isn't Monday, it's Thursday. It's important that I remember what day it is since not only do I need to remember when to go to class but I also need to remember when assignments are due. I'm fairly certain an excuse of, "I lost track of what day it was," wouldn't fly very well with my professors.

One advantage of hubby having days off during the week is with my relatively flexible schedule right now (other than needing to be in class at certain times) I can often join him on "weekend" activities during the week. Since crowds tend to be lighter then we often have places to ourselves. Yesterday we took our dog and had a picnic and went swimming at a local lake. We were the only people in the picnic area and the swimming area we chose. Thanks to shade the weather was bearable and we had a great time. Our dog isn't much of a water dog; she'll get her feet wet but she doesn't like to go in much beyond that. Dan thought she might follow us in so he tried to coax her into the water; apparently she went in farther than she was comfortable with. (She probably didn't like all of the mud in her paws, either.) So she tried to get the first solid ground she saw, which happened to be a log in the water. Have you ever seen a dog try to get all four feet on a log? It was pretty funny. Unfortunately, I was in the water at the time and couldn't get to the camera to take a picture. At one point she actually succeeded and had all four feet on that log. From there she got to the shore as quickly as she could and decided she'd had enough of the water for a while. She explored a little more on shore and then settled down for a nap until we left.

A tired pooch.


  1. i am so glad you found me! i can't wait to read more of your blog. it makes me happy to make new friends!!

    happy 4th of july!!!

  2. My wife--another Peggy--works a lot on holidays too, but that's not too bad since she's a nurse and makes overtime.

    I've had dogs like yours, dogs that would do some pretty funny things to stay out of deep water.

  3. thanks for visiting my blog! i see that you are a fellow North Carolinian (although I have only been one for a year). love your dog!

  4. looks like you have lots of great comments :) I was about to e-mail you but I figured I'd check your blog first-- glad you had a non-crowded picnic! A dog who isn't a water dog doesn't smell like a wet lake dog at the end of a picnic, so that's always good!! Hope you still managed to have some fun with Dan over the weekend, I know he was probably quite busy over the 4th!


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