Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Should You Post Photos of Your Kids?

This isn't a topic that is particularly relevant to me right now, but I've seen other people discussing it lately so I thought I'd share an article that appeared in our local newspaper:

Just one more thing to be concerned about in today's world, I guess. And, like so many things, something that can be taken to extremes. I feel sorry for the person quoted at the end of the article: If I ever have a child I certainly hope I won't be so paranoid as to not want to bring a camera to take pictures of my child in a school play.


  1. i really have thought about this a lot! last year i used to not post any pics of LL except for 'back of the head' shots. but i started giving some 'face time' to her... and i usually go back and erase those photos later. i just don't want anyone copying them or anything... hubby argues that i shouldn't be out there at all... but i love blogging! if i ever feel like it's a safety issue, i will totally stop. :)

  2. Interesting article and just the type of thing that I get concerned about. I try to eliminate use of real names and locations in my blog and then I have asked permission before posting pics of other children. I try to make it so my blog is not able to show up in search engines. But I still wonder am I being safe. Also trying to make sure photos on FAcebook can only be seen by friends...but I have 600 friends who aren't necessarily close. Complicated...

  3. One reason I like to remain anonymous online. We have put up some pictures of the kids on our blog, and my husband doesn't want to bombard the site with them due to privacy issues. But, the pictures with them are hardly identifiable. I think there's a lot of more paranoia than necessary.

    Also, I hate social networking sites.


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