Saturday, January 30, 2010


It doesn't snow very often in our neck of the woods so when it does we have to take advantage of it. For me, that means breaking out the cross-country skis I got when I lived in Oregon. (After I'd learned to ski in Alaska... Long story.) Below are pictures of our winter wonderland, some of which we took as I skied around the neighborhood and hubby followed along with the dog. One of these days we'll have to get hubby some cross-country skis so he can join in the fun!
A pile of snow greeted us outside our back door when we woke up this morning. Doggie wasn't sure how to get through it!

Snow piled around the dog house.

Can I come in now?

Our roses buried in the snow.

Hubby and doggie out for a walk.

Skiing down the street!

We saw this snowman as we were going around the neighborhood. It was so cute I had to have a picture.

Our happy family.


  1. That looks awesome - we got about 5 or 6 inches up here.

    Did you take the cat out in the snow also?

  2. hubby rode his 4-wheeler around in the snow. hate i missed it this time

  3. How pretty! What cute houses in your neighborhood! I want to retire in the mountains of Tennessee or NC.


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