Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pass, you're done!

I successfully defended my capstone project last night and got the coveted, "Pass, you're done," from my advisors. (Versus the other option, "Pass, but...," meaning they want you to revise something in your document.) Yeah! I pretty much memorized my presentation so I'm looking forward to forgetting it and freeing up some space in my over-crowded brain.

Now it's onto my next assignment, something for my other class which is due today and turning into a bigger ordeal than I'd envisioned. It's always something!


  1. good job, congrats on your accomplishment!!

  2. YAY!! i know the relief you are feeling right about now :) congrats!

  3. Wow! Congratulations! That is fantastic news. I wish you all the best on the rest of your work toward the degree.


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