Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flowers and Chocolate

Today is my birthday. I'm still recovering from my surgery last week (as I knew I would be on my birthday this year) but I'm getting closer to normal so at least I'm on the tail end of things. More importantly, I'm spending the day surrounded by flowers and chocolate, as is appropriate for birthdays. Hubby did well; guess I'll keep him for another year. :-)

The birthday spread.

Flowers from my parents. A combination happy birthday/get well soon thing.

Flowers from hubby. Roses always work.

Chocolate ice cream cake, chocolate covered blueberries, lemon drops, and creme soda—yum.


  1. Glad you are recovering well and being well taken care of by your hubby! That cake looks YUMMY! And the flowers are gorgeous! Happy Happy birthday.

  2. aww, happy birthday and hope you are feeling better...

    chocolate covered blueberries? i have never heard of that! enjoy!!

  3. happy (belated) birthday! i think your hubby is a keeper ;)


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