Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm Sick of It

Some people start out the new year running, full of big plans to lose weight, exercise, organize their house, or accomplish something else productive. I gave up making New Year's resolutions a long time ago, but I seem to have started off this year on a different foot: With no immune system. I'm sick of being sick.

It started off with hubby being sick over Christmas. And by "sick" I mean he had a minor cold: On Christmas Day he had a very slight fever, so I made him take some Tylenol and he took a nap on the couch that afternoon. By the next day he said he felt fine (even though he was still coughing some for several days after that).

I've never met a germ that didn't like me, and sure enough three days later I started having cold symptoms and not feeling well. To make a long story short I was bedridden for four days and didn't feel close to normal for over a week. I never went to the doctor but I really wonder if I had the flu rather than a cold (even though I got the flu vaccine back in November). So much for being productive over the holidays. I'm still behind on some end-of-year paperwork stuff I usually do.

So that was last month. Fast forward to now: Two days ago I started having a sore throat, generally known as the beginning of a cold. By yesterday I was fighting a cold again, although all "fighting" seems to mean to me is a losing battle before it even starts. I'm no martyr and have no desire to share my germs with other people, but yesterday I had to be in the office for a meeting if I could at all manage it so I just tried to not breathe on people as much as I could. I'm able to work from home the rest of the week, thankfully, and HOPEFULLY I'll be better by Monday when I need to go into the office again. This week is Missions Conference at our church so I'll be missing that (hubby went to a dinner by himself last night and will probably go without me again tonight). At least I'm not bedridden (yet), so maybe this time I'll just have a normal (whatever that is) cold, get over it more quickly, and not be totally incapacitated in the process.


  1. Yuck! It was wave after wave of junk at my house for about a month. So glad it passed and hope that we've met our "sickness quota" for the first half of the year anyway.

    Hope you feel MUCH better soon!!

  2. :( hope you feel better!

    i am catching up on everyone here. congrats on graduation!!!


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