Thursday, July 14, 2011


I'm officially in the waiting period now and I have to admit, it's a little boring.

My due date is now three days away. No signs of labor yet and based on my last appointment and the fact that statistically first babies are often late there's a good chance I'm going to see my due date still pregnant, though I'm still hoping I won't. The reason is we were told a while ago that due to my "advanced maternal age" (their term, not mine!) there's a higher risk of the placenta deteriorating and becoming less efficient faster once the due date passes, so they probably won't let me go more than a few days past my due date before inducing me. At first I thought this was a fine idea, but now I've become a little less enthused with the idea of being induced—especially if it's starting out cold turkey with no natural signs of labor at all—and I'd much rather start things out naturally if I possibly can. As always no one has asked me, though, and there's not much I can do other than my main conversation with kidlet now being, "Out, out, out!"

On the bright side I am very glad to have been able to do things on my terms up until now. I stopped working two weeks before my due date and was able to complete things at work on my schedule without any complications (pregnancy-related or otherwise), which besides making things easier on me made things much easier on the people taking over for me as well. And while it doesn't always feel like it, I know overall I've had a relatively uncomplicated pregnancy compared to some, and I'm very thankful for that. (Dealing with acid reflux every night and having hugely swollen legs and feet for the past four months doesn't always feel particularly uncomplicated—nor did getting sick every two months for the first six months of the pregnancy—but so far everything I've dealt with has only affected me, not kidlet, which I guess is relatively uncomplicated in pregnancy terms.)

So, I wait. I know it's getting closer with every passing day by definition; I'm trying to find comfort in that. I'm definitely enjoying having an empty calendar right now, being able to rest and take naps and watch TV whenever I want to (mainly a few afternoon Food Network programs I like), and not having any schedule or real responsibilities right now. I had a lot I wanted to get done last week and since kidlet didn't come then I had time to do it, so now I really have nothing pressing on my plate that I feel I have to do; not a bad place to be in when I do eventually get to this labor/delivery thing. I hear it can start suddenly on its own at any time... I'm waiting!


  1. This is just so darn exciting!! I can't wait to hear all about kidlet!! I'm glad you were able to get all of your "stuff" out of the way and now you can just take it all in and enjoy your maternity leave in peace. Praying for a safe delivery!

  2. is Kidlet here yet??!??! Can't wait to see pictures!


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