Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to School

Fall semester started last week at NC State. I don't know what it is about school but just the thought of it makes me feel overwhelmed—let alone the actuality of it. So, even though I've only had one day of classes (for my two on-campus classes; I also have an online class that isn't starting real work until next week) I am officially overwhelmed.

On the bright side I think it will be a fun semester. When I started the program last spring a lot of classes were full by the time I was able to register so my options were somewhat limited in what I could take. When registering for fall, however, I was able to register with all the seniority that being a graduate student brings and I had no trouble getting my first choices. All three of my courses are in my field, relevant, and include interesting readings and assignments. Now that I'm not a new student anymore I also know many of the people in my two on-campus classes already. I'm particularly excited about my online course, a communications seminar called "Social Media and Public Relations." I'm finally going to learn about all the social media I've been avoiding! And I'll be dealing with it from the perspective of how organizations can use it to enhance their businesses, not from a personal standpoint, which is what I was avoiding. Sounds like the best of both worlds to me.

One thing being back in school will mean, of course, is that I'll undoubtedly have less time for this blog. I'm still going to try to post to it once a week; we'll see how well I do with that. As part of my schoolwork and other responsibilities this semester I've actually got three other blogs I'll be posting to on a regular basis so that will keep me busy with blogging, I'm sure. But, the more practice the better, right?

* * * *

I realized I haven't posted an update on our precious pooch lately—I'm sure inquiring minds want to know! I'm happy to report that she's doing MUCH better: She's finishing up her antibiotic this weekend and I'm taking her to our regular vet for a follow-up blood test on Monday. She isn't having any of the symptoms she was anymore and is definitely brighter and more energetic than she was for most of the summer.

She's still a little on the thin side and getting her to eat is still a daily ordeal; I doubt it'll ever be a matter of just putting her food in front of her and having her eat it again. But we've got a routine (and an understanding) now and she does pretty well. She always comes and eats at least a few bites of breakfast now; for a while she wouldn't even entertain the idea of breakfast. Her favorite time to eat seems to be after her evening walk when she often cleans her bowl. Today was an exciting day: She cleaned her bowl at breakfast, lunch, AND dinner! So even though I still have to stand over her while she eats and remind her to eat periodically (she's an easily distracted pooch) at least she's getting used to eating regularly again. She's also been sleeping through the night for the past several weeks—a true blessing.


  1. Glad your dog is doing better.

    Hope you have a great media class sounds interesting! You may have to tell us more about that one when you get a chance.

  2. I'm living vicariously through you and your exciting graduate school life!

  3. glad that: 1. I'm not the only one feeling overwhelmed; 2. your pooch is doing better; 3. You're taking that social media class; 4. I finally had a chance to catch up on your blog!! I just got to work and they're still organizing before giving me my daily tasks... so I'm catching myself up over here :)

  4. College has changed so much. When I first attended college, we had to stand in line with cards to get the classes we wanted. By the time I left, I thought it was so wild that we could register online. There were still "bugs" in the online registration, but it was worth it. We didn't have online classes available. Sounds like you have some interesting classes in store for you! Would love to read more about them as you go through the semester.

    And I'm glad your dog is feeling better. They aren't pets. They are family. :-)

  5. I am glad your pup is feeling better! Also, I hope you had a great week at school! I hope you don't feel overwhelmed but have a wonderful time. :)

  6. Ahh, back at school. No, I do not miss those days. But, there was a time early in my permanent working life when I did wish for the carefree days of no family responsibility. Now, the routine is based around the kids' school schedule and those rounds are just about to start again. Poor kids, though. Six weeks is nothing compared to 3 months.

    I know what you mean about finding time to blog. I actually have a few and none are updated daily. I also visit blogs and comment, on days that I am on the computer. I'm not working so that gives me time, but my time is also spent looking for work, etc. I have an interview next week.

    Glad the pooch is doing better. Now, you can actually go on like a normal family again.


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