Friday, August 7, 2009

More Critters

The other night we found a new critter on the suet feeder:

Who, me?

We always suspected there were flying squirrels around but hadn't seen any yet. This one was amazingly unskittish: When my husband went outside to get better pictures the critter jumped off the feeder onto the tree but then he just hung there, letting us get pretty close to get a good look at him.

I blend in pretty well, don't I?

Coming home from a walk one evening we found this little critter on our front porch:

Here I am posing on a leaf...

He stuck around (literally) for quite a while, too.

Last but not least, one more critter picture I can't resist:

Our dog pulling stuffing out of her latest chew toy, in this case a teddy bear we got for her at a thrift store. She makes a hole, pulls out the stuffing, spits it out, then goes back in for more. Do all dogs act like this? I'm not sure if her behavior here is normal or yet another of her lovely quirks.


  1. haha love the last one especially!! I don't know if all dogs do it, but the ones I know sure do :) love the frog picture! You have such fun visitors around your house!

  2. a flying squirrel! how cool! i haven't seen of those around here. we do have a red toad that lives around our deck. i have seen it a few times. maybe i will get a pic of it one day. my parents' dog does the same thing with his stuffed toys! he rips all the stuffing out and takes out the squeaker - then he's done with it LOL my cat Vincent recently did that to one of his toys as well. pets are so weird :)

  3. AHHHH! i love it!! flying squirrels and a tree FROG?!? my favorite. and of course the pup is pretty darn cute, too. :)

  4. thanks for you comment on my post today! it sure helps knowing that others have image issues as well. we *definitely* need to meet up some day. i would gladly meet you in Chapel Hill one Saturday

  5. Glad to see that your dog is doing better.


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