Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random Citings

I've been collecting some random musings lately so I thought I'd share.
  1. Whenever I do laundry I inevitably forget about it and end up leaving it in the washer (or dryer) for several hours.
  2. I only buy chocolate chips in 72 oz. bags. Anything less is hardly worth it. (Have I mentioned chocolate chip cookies are a staple in my house?)
  3. Sometimes I like to be domestic—cooking, baking, that sort of thing. Unfortunately my desire to be domestic never extends to wanting to clean the house.
  4. I like blueberry-chocolate chip pancakes, as in both of them in there together. It occurred to me once that I liked blueberry pancakes and I liked chocolate chip pancakes, so why not try them all in one? Yum.
  5. It takes two people to give our dog a bath. At least. She's a squirmy thing! (But oh so clean and fluffy afterwards.)
  6. I have lots of freckles. Probably has to do with my reddish hair, which I think was even more reddish when I was a child. (Never carrot-red, though.)
  7. I make an awesome dog nurse. (I nursed my dog back to health and got her to eat again when she was sick over the summer.)
  8. My hubby and I met online, on a Christian dating site. Maybe I'll tell that story someday...

  9. And last but not least:

  10. The professors in my department have a conspiracy to have everything due on the same day. Really. I asked one of them about it last night, why major projects in different classes are always due on the same day. He said it's a conspiracy.
Back to the books!


  1. LOL i sometimes leave laundry in the washer for a whole day, then end of having to rewash them! not sure what to say about the blueberry/chocolate chip pancakes - sounds interesting :)

  2. I leave clothes in the dryer for 2 days sometimes. I've been known to leave towels longer than that.

    Good to know there's always chocolate in your house. What brand? Nestle? Hershey? Ghiradelli?

    I wanna hear the story about how you met the Hubby!

  3. I use Nestle chocolate chips for everyday things. Yum!


    nothing wrong with having that around! in fact, all of that sounds good. i too want to hear the story of how you met your husband! that's awesome.


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