Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Staying Home

It's official: I'm sick and staying home from school today. No fever thank goodness so it's still just a cold, but enough of one that I need to keep my germs to myself if I can. When I wrote to my professors they both agreed I should stay home: One mentioned school policy (staying home for 3-5 days if you have cold or flu symptoms) and the other thanked me for considering my classmates (which I thought was really cute). I probably won't miss anything major in either class but just in case I've let some friends know I won't be there so they'll let me know if I miss anything important.

Since I won't be going to class tonight that's about 4.5 hours I'll have to work on things that I wouldn't have otherwise—I should probably use it wisely and be productive, don't ya think? Not watch TV or anything like that...


  1. uh, yeah, just like yesterday when i stayed home sick i didn't watch ANY tv or take a NAP or READ a book! LOL give yourself a well-deserved break, even if you are sick. glad your profs were understanding. get well soon :)

  2. And WHATEVER you do, don't eat junk food. =)

    Hope you're all over this crud REALLY soon.


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